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I (CJ) have volunteered to be “Editor in Chief” of the Bird Dog Quarterly Newsletter (Wayne can run faster), so you will have to put up with my somewhat errant grammar and run on sentences (my favorite!!!). At least, that is what my English teachers always commented upon in my term papers.

We will make our best efforts to make it newsy and entertaining as well as keeping you informed as to upcoming club events. It is a good idea to check in on our website frequently, as the newsletter is a quarterly publication. Wayne handles the web site (I ran faster this time), so get with him on posting items on our web site.

Please email C.J. information that you may think other club members may be interested in reading. Please refrain from political cartoons and issues as we hear and see enough in daily news already. If you just purchased a new pup, have a training or product tip, or had a fantastic hunt, we would love to hear about it.


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