“The Club for All Bird Dog Breeds”

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  About Membership: As in any private organization, the club depends on members to volunteer some of their time and expertise to support and mentor each other, club events and field trial hunts. Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club simply would not exist without its volunteer’s spirit.
Members are encouraged to volunteer their time for the good of the club. Club members are responsible to do their part in sharing the workload of keeping the club running smoothly. We are NOT a member run club, however, we do encourage member’s suggestions for creating a better club, therefor there are NO club votes or officers to vote for.
Membership Benefits:
Members receive discounted rates on:
*Field Trial Hunts,
* Training Birds,
* Training Classes,
1. Members can schedule group hunts (availability not guaranteed)
2. Two guest passes received when accompanied by a current member
3. Immediate family under the age of 18 are considered members
4. Access to birds year round
5. Get priority when seminars are offered and at discounted rates
5. Enjoy like minded dog enthusiasts
6. Annual membership picnic and other club parties
7. Dog of the Year Awards
8. Dog training library

Areas a Member Can Volunteer:

1. Chairing a Field Trial Hunt
2. Field Trial Hunt Setup
3. Field Trial Grounds Set Up
4. Field Trial Hunt Break Down and Clean up grounds
5. Mentoring each other and most importantly new members
6. Judging a Field Trial Hunt
7. Bird Planting
8. Party Organizer
9. Managing the Trap Thrower
10. Field Trial Hunt Lunch Host

How to become a Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club Member: Membership in Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club is $150.00 per year.

This amount works out to be $12.50/month for practically unlimited use of our club grounds. We ask all current members to fill out a new Membership form and Indemnity Agreement form each year so we can update our email and other information. Simply click on links Membership Application & Waiver form and fill out both application and waiver. 

Not ready to join just yet, please read the following? We invite you to fill out the membership application form here. There is no application fee and doing so does not obligate you in any way to join the club, nor does it obligate you financially in any way to the club. It is a means to find out more about you and a way for us to contact you. Therefore, we ask that you be sure to provide a legitimate phone number and email address. Our membership chairman will contact you using this information to answer any questions you may have about the club and to invite you to our next field trial hunt. We would like to thank you for your interest in our organization. – OR – if you have a questions about membership, please contact us via email at We like questions, so please feel free to inquire. Join us now and become part of our Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club family!

Membership Application & Waiver form…learn more