About Us

“The Club for All Bird Dog Breeds” 

Mission Statement:
Most important, members will have a place to go run and train their dog(s) throughout the year. SERVICES…learn more

 width= Our club is a privately held organization established to create an outdoor atmosphere and facility dedicated to the sporting breeds; their training and what they are bred and born to do. As a Bird dog club we educate and give members the opportunity to practice their skills in a hunting environment.  In addition we are providing members and their families a place to extend the bird hunting experience and build lifelong friendships though fun filled activities.  It also gives members the opportunity to tune up their dog(s) before hunting season starts and continue hunting after the season is over.
We educate and encourage our members (focus on women & youth) in dog training, dog handling and shooting and give them the opportunity to practice their skills through fun hunts and field trial competition.  We encourage and promote the development of well trained bird dog(s) that our members can be proud of.
The Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club provides our members and their families with enhanced outdoor experiences, the opportunity to form new hunting partnerships and well trained dogs. These experiences preserve the great American hunting tradition; a tradition of friendship and family handed down from generation to generation.
General Information: Our club is open to all bird dog breeds. Owners of pointing, retrieving and spaniel breeds will enjoy many acres to run and train their dog(s) year around.  We conduct field trials and competition hunts designed for our members and their dog(s) to enjoy dog handling, hunting and shooting.