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Open, Novice, Youth, Women (3 birds)

Pointing Doubles Division (5 Birds)

Flushing Doubles Division (5 Birds)

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Our pigeon set up has been completed. We want to thank Bill Joyner, Darrell Decker and Chuck Pedersen for the terrific job they did on getting the coops ready. Thanks guys for the excellent work.

Door to pigeon coopDoor to pigeon coop Perches in pigeon coopPerches in pigeon coop Pigeon coop nesting boxesPigeon nesting boxes Pigeon coop aviaryPigeon coop aviary

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You may sign up for our homing pigeon program by clicking on the box to the right and using the shopping cart. Once you complete your registration, the combination to the lock on the door will be emailed to you. Please abide by the program rules and I suggest you print out a copy for your reference. We hope you enjoy having training birds available at the property. 

Homing pigeon program

“Get your Family and Bird Dog(s) into the game. You’ll be happy you did!”

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